Fresh for 2019: Introducing Meghan Babin to the KW Team!

Meghan? Which Meghan? We’ll have to devise a system.

Here at the Kelbourne Woolens office we suffer from name confusion issues. There’s Courtney Kelley and Meghan Kelly, and because we never do things the easy way we’re adding another Meghan to the mix. They’re both spelled with an “H,” and they both say that is the proper and only spelling of the name.

Please join us in welcoming the second Meghan to the Kelbourne Woolens team—Meghan Babin!

Meghan is the former editor of Interweave Knits, knit.wear, and the creator of Wool Studio (2015 – 2018), and now she’s joining our team for a fresh new start in 2019. We’ve known Meghan for many years and worked with her extensively while she was the editor of Knits. We jumped at the opportunity to have her at Kelbourne after a decade of camaraderie and collaboration.

As Kelbourne Woolens has grown over the years we’ve discovered that we can’t do everything ourselves and needed someone on the team that already knew how to “Kelbourne.” Someone that didn’t need training or direction, and could seamlessly transition onto the team without a ripple effect. It was too much to ask or expect from anyone, but then Meghan moved back to the east coast from Colorado.

Meghan joins us as the fourth member of the Kelbourne Woolens team as our Content and Project Manager, which means she’ll be doing a lot of everything from content creation, designing, blogging, project herding, and keeping us in line as all good managers should. We couldn’t be happier, and she feels similarly:

“It’s a pleasure to work with and for women I admire, respect, and can share a good laugh.”

As for the name confusion, we asked what to call her she said, “Just call me Meggo. It’s what my friends call me.”

Find her on Instagram @meggospurls and watch for her blogs and projects here and on our Instagram @kelbournewoolens this 2019!

3 Fun Facts about Meggo:

  1. Colorado made her a beer snob. On the east coast, Tørst NYC is her choice beer locale.
  2. She has a mini goldendoodle niece-pup named Sydney. She thinks Sydney is her dog.
  3. Ramen is life. Especially in Vancouver.

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