Crochet Something Contest: Best Doily!

I. Love. Doilies.

I love them so much that I gave them their very own Crochet Summer Crochet Something Contest category! I think they are what really, honestly, led me into the craft world. My grandmother had some amazing doilies in her apartment that she, her mother, and her sisters had made over the years and I was mesmerized by their intricate and lacy twists and turns. They were eternally feminine, yet endlessly practical. They were the catalyst that led me to insist my grandmother teach me to crochet, though she was a hesitant and terrible teacher. 

Follow this Ravelry link to look at pages and pages of the best of modern doily crocheting, including the designs above by Grace Fearon, Julia Hart, Viktoriia Gul, Johanna Lindahl, Zoya Matyushenko, Lynn Koultas, and Olga Poltava.

Usually when we think "doily," images of those fussy, frilly, white cotton bits that may have covered your Great Aunt Myrna's house, like this:


Do you have a love of doilies as well? Share your story in the comments! 

In case you missed it, here is a brief recap of our Crochet Summer Crochet Something Contest (CSCSC):


This non-competitive contest is a great opportunity to spend the summer trying something new, or finally challenging yourself to make that thing you’ve always wanted to make. This feel-good contest is meant to be a fun way to gather more people to the craft of crochet.

There are six categories:
• Best Garment
• Best First Crochet Project
• Best Art/Sculptural Work
• Best Doily
• Best Home Decor (afghan, pillow, tea cozy, bathmat, etc.
• Name your own category (anything that doesn’t fit into one of the previous categories, bonus points for a funny, yet tasteful, category heading)

Each category will have one winner, with many superlative-laden runners up. EVERYONE is a winner with Crochet Summer! Post your entry on Instagram by August 31st with the hashtag #crochetsomethingcontest2018 and you could WIN!