April Featured Finds Round Up

For the last few years we've been sending out a weekly newsletter, Featured Finds, where we share little tidbits from around the world that we find interesting. The topics range far and wide, and are guaranteed to be interesting, educational, or thought provoking. Once a month, we'll be sharing the top ten highlights (on no particular order) from the weeks prior. March highlights are below. Enjoy!

1 / Can one ever have too many enamel pins? We think not. So here's some more!

2 / If you're not following @TheMERL you're not truly living. Check out all their thicc bois on Twitter.

3 / Download our free pattern in BC Garn's Tussah Tweed from Knit Simple Magazine!

4 / One of our favorite companies, Brown Sheep, posted a great list of the top ten reasons to support small businesses and natural fibers.

5 / Many yarn shops published some really great patterns for LYS day. Check out this lovely shawl from Manos / Fairmount Fibers here!

6 / Designer Casapinka created this lovely shawl for LYS day as well. 

7 / I'm not sure Daniel Day-Lewis knew what he was getting into when he posed on the cover of W in a traditional gansey.

8 / But, hey, it meant we provided a free download code for Seascale...and y'all really jumped on the offer!

9 / Threading a needle? You're doing it wrong. One twitter user sums it up best: "What kind of sorcery is this?"

10 / Anzula was in on the LYS Day fun as well - they had three absolutely lovely patterns on offer.

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