March Featured Finds Round Up

For the last few years we've been sending out a weekly newsletter, Featured Finds, where we share little tidbits from around the world that we find interesting. The topics range far and wide, and are guaranteed to be interesting, educational, or thought provoking. Once a month, we'll be sharing the top ten highlights (on no particular order) from the weeks prior. March highlights are below. Enjoy!

1 / The predatory practices of Amazon are as pervasive as ever.

2 / In happier news, we fulfilled a life dream and took a trip to Faroe Islands in March with friends Jaime and Amber from Fancy Tiger. Read their blog posts about our amazing journey here

3 / Mason Dixon Knitting completed its second annual March Mayhem. Check out the full bracket here.

4 / Midnight Spaghetti. Y'all always love a recipe link, and this one did not disappoint!

5 / Remember when Krysten Ritter taught Stephen Colbert how to knit? (How could you forget?!)

6 / Artist Ashley V. Blalock makes amazing crocheted installations. And she isn't stopping any time soon.

7 / The New York Times is righting the wrongs of many decades and adding remarkable women to their obituaries. There is a wealth of history to be had, and all are a must-read.

8 / Designer Bonnie Dean published Beartooth Pass, a lovely cowl featuring Kelbourne Woolens Andorra.

9 / Must. Not. Forget. To. Knit. This.

10 / Designing our own yarns will never, ever get old. Ever. (Thank you to everyone thus far who has been loving them as much as we do!)

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