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KW Style It: A Bernadette For My Every Mood

Flat lay of style option for Bernadette sweater

Normally when I put together the outfits for our Style It posts, I try to think outside my personal box a little beyond only items I would wear, while still incorporating pieces and elements that are true to the KW brand and aesthetic.

For my Bernadette sweater from the Andorra Collection, though, I went full-selfish and put together three very “Kate” outfits that I think both demonstrate the versatility of this classic turtleneck and show how easy it is to change up your style, if only a little bit!

STYLE ONE: City Living
This is probably the closest to an outfit that I’d wear every day (note to self: finally bite the bullet and buy a nice leather jacket). I love the mix of the worn in jeans, sneakers, and jacket with the pink water bottle and gold jewelry to show a little touch of feminine.

STYLE TWO: Modern Feminine
If I am going to get “girly”, this is about as far as I am willing to take it. I love the softness of the Ace&Jig skirt paired with a pair of classic clogs, a denim jacket, and some nice accessories that show a little bit of color and personality. (The earrings are by our dear friend Lila, and I own this exact pair – and, ahem, maybe a few others, too – and adore them all.)


STYLE THREE: In The Country
We travel to Vermont and Maine a bit throughout the year and if I was headed up there now, all of these pieces would either be on me or in my suitcase. I don’t buy much new clothing or shoes these days, but I treated myself to a pair of Blundstones this fall and now they’re all I want to wear, especially as I find practicality plus a few small personal details to be key when fighting the insane weather New England seems to have 340+ days a year.

I keep thinking if I was going to make a Bernadette for myself, I would use one of the neutral colors of Andorra, perhaps even the ink black. But now seeing haint blue here pair so well with all the neutrals I love, I’m not so sure!

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