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December Featured Finds Round Up

Happy New Year!!

For the last year and a half, we’ve been sending out a weekly newsletter, Featured Finds, where we share little tidbits from around the world that we find interesting. The topics range far and wide, and are guaranteed to be interesting, educational, or thought provoking. Once a month, we’ll be sharing the top ten highlights (on no particular order) from the weeks prior. December highlights are below. Enjoy!

1 / Sweet Georgia Yarns released a mini Advent Calendar skein and shawl kit. It was such a brilliant idea, we all had a “why didn’t we think of that?!” moment.

2 / People have strong (negative) feelings about cranberry sauce, and for that I blame the gelatinous cans we were all subjected to as kids. Why not up your game next year and make this amazing Martha Stewart recipe Courtney recommended?

3 / The free Holiday Cheer Ornaments pattern we posted last year was a hit again this season. Turns out no one can resist a tiny mitten, hat, or ball!

4 / If ornaments aren’t your thing, these amazing knit reindeer by Made by Ewe are both an adorable decoration and a great way to practice stranded colowork!

5 / We published our annual Holiday Gift Guide this year, and focused on topics and items near and dear to our hearts: Raising Smart Girls, Books, and Animal Rescue.

6 / December was a food-heavy month (as it should be!) and we couldn’t get enough of these knit pies by Lorna and Jill Watt, originally published for pi day.

7 / Both my father and husband love pecan pie, and this King Arthur Flour recipe (no cornsyrup!) is my go-to.

8 / Paulina Bart was one of the artists we recommended you follow last month. I don’t know what I love more, her amazing embroideries, or that adorable pup of hers!

9 / Nail artist Ash Crowe creates mini-masterpieces every time she does a manicure. Kinda puts my quick “file and topcoat” to shame, eh?!

10 / Meghan and I had the opportunity to meet Lisa Belsky at the PMA Craft show, and were blown away by her amazing work. (Once we told her we also knit and crocheted, she geeked out a little on all of the stitch patterns she used and why – such lovely insight into an artists work!)

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