The Pop Collection Tips + Tricks

We love creating tips and tricks with every collection release, and The Pop Collection is no exception!

The first is a tutorial on working cables that span over two rounds. This is necessary when working an all-over cable pattern in the round, as a cable will inevitably cross over the beginning/end of a round in order to main the design.

While this isn't a new technique (it is used in Seathwaite and Baker Island), it is one that confuses people a little bit, especially if they're reading ahead in the directions prior to knitting. As a result, with the publication of Baby Jane, I knew it was time to create a photo tutorial that detailed the steps necessary to complete the cross!


The next two tutorials are specific to Viva, designed by Courtney.

Viva begins with a picot edging, and then stitches are picked up in the picots to work the shawl from the bottom up. The technique requires a knitted cast on as well, so we decided to create a separate tutorial in case you were looking to do the cast on, but not the full picot.


Hopefully you will find these new tutorials useful when working from our designs!