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November Featured Finds Round-Up

For the last year and a half, we’ve been sending out a weekly newsletter, Featured Finds, where we share little tidbits from around the world that we find interesting. The topics range far and wide, and are guaranteed to be interesting, educational, or thought provoking. Once a month, we’ll be sharing the top ten highlights (on no particular order) from the weeks prior. November highlights are below. Enjoy!

1 / Karen from Fringe Association shared a hot tip on eliminating those pesky “holes” at the underarms of your knit-in-one-piece sweaters.

2 / Linda Marveng published a stunning cabled sweater, the Eira Pullover, in The Fibre Co. Cumbria in the Fall/Winter issue of Knit.Wear. (My Monterey Tee from Wool Studio Volume II also made an appearance in the issue!)

3 / Kitty Buch published a gorgeous sweater in Arranmore, the Sawyer Pullover. We expect many more excellent designs from her in the future!

4 / A campaign in Istanbul opened the eyes of consumers regarding the labor abuses in a Zara factory.

5 / This insightful article discussed the efforts by countries in Africa to build up their domestic textile production…and the steps the United States government is taking to make that nearly impossible.

6 / There is still time to see professor Daina Taimina’s talk at Yale, “Crocheting Adventures with the Hyperbolic Planes,” on Dec 5th.

7 / Some of our favorite dishes on Thanksgiving are the sides. Earlier in the month, Bon Appetit did a hilarious – and inspiring – article pairing horiscopes with some tasty recipes.

8 / Do you remember Cricket Magazine? We do, and LOVED it!!

9 / The husband and wife photography team, CreativeSoul, has a new series celebrating the beauty of black girls and their natural hair, with an amazing baroque vibe, and the results are absolutely stunning.

10 / Artist Caitlin McCormack crochets animal skeletons using fine cotton thread. Check out her website to view more of her beautiful and macabre work.

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