Courtney on the Knit Collage Podcast!

You know those people that you meet and you immediately think “Wow. This woman is pretty rad.” That is exactly how I felt when I first met Amy Small, the powerhouse behind Knit Collage.

Amy recently started a Podcast, Collage Creative, where she interviews women in the industry. When first introducing the podcast, she described it as a “weekly interview show dedicated to uncovering the motivations, daily routines and practices of women who are living life on their own terms.”

If there is anyone living life on her own terms, it is definitely Courtney! Amy’s interview with her is available to listen via the Knit Collage site here, or from wherever you like to listen to podcasts. I, for one, plan on listening to it as I prepare all of the fillings for my All Pie Thanksgiving tonight!

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