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Meghan’s Wee Weaving: Unconventional Materials

By now you’ve read Mari’s post about her experience with the Wee Weaver by Purl and Loop. I was able to pick up a Wee Weaver at the most recent TNNA and was excited to try it. Mari had the idea to make a weaving with unconventional materials and I have to say, I love her weaving! I think Mari took the idea to a really interesting place, finding and using things that every home has tucked away, but one would never guess to use. I was much more conservative in my materials quest and limited my search to funky fibers I found in my stash and studio.

Top / unknown linen from a cone, black ribbon, Wee Weaver set, maribou feather boa, my own hand-dyed hand-spun yarn from the Harveyville Yarn School.
Middle / Molly Girl Duet, a cone of yellow Rugby by Mondofil, black nylon cording, unknown raw silk, Navia Tradition.
Bottom / a mohair lock, Habu Pine Paper, a cone of green Rugby by Mondofil, and Buffalo Gold Buffboo.

In the end, I decided not to use all the yarns in the interest of simplicity. The items that made the cut were the mohair lock, the maribou boa, black nylon cord, the yellow Rugby, some natural cotton/wool (that didn’t make it into the earlier photo), and I finished it with some Tundra in Pinkberry and Bearberry.

This was such a fun experiment! I love this little loom and I can’t wait to use it again!

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