Color Stories

Color Stories: Rhinebeck Ready

Like any sane human, I love autumn. I look forward to nothing more than the humid heat of summer to be over so I can enjoy cool days, apple picking, gorgeous foliage, wooly sweaters, and…Rhinebeck!

We’re headed up to the NYS Sheep and Wool¬†festival in a few weeks, so I thought it would be fun to look through some of our past images from fall and put together a few seasonally-inspired color stories in The Fibre Co. Knightsbridge, a stunningly soft and cosy warm yarn perfect for cold weather garments.

1 / Late October Hike: Cornwall / Bishop’s Green / Beaverden / Redwick

2 / Apple Picking: Hyde Park / High Tea / Red Squirrel / Goldfirth

3 / Digital x Analog: Stonehenge / Skyworth / Concordia / Winesteeple

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