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Crochet Sumer 2017: Babette Bandwagon

We had the 3rd floor of our house gutted and converted into a studio and play room a bit ago, saving a small room in the back for storage. As it happens when you don’t have a lot of storage, but do have a lot of stuff, our storage room started to overflow this summer.

It was time for a serious clean out, and first on my list was The Stash. I have amassed a pretty excellent collection of yarns over the years, much of it from when I worked at a LYS in Philadelphia, Rosie’s. I keep it stored in large tupperware bins, each type in its own plastic bag, with moth sachets I replace every 6 months or so. It has been a while since I actually took every single skein out, though, and. Wow. I have a lot of great stuff! 

My time at Rosie’s coincided with the sock craze, so despite only knitting a few pairs of socks, I have an entire bin of sock yarn, including the rainbow of Koigu pictured above I unearthed last weekend. Many are mini-skeins the company would send with orders, and we sold them by the ounce. I have absolutely no clue what I intended to do with them at the time, but after pulling them  it became pretty clear I need to drop everything else on my agenda and crochet a blanket.

But which one?

I also worked at Rosie’s when Babette was published, and it seemed at the time everyone was making the blanket. While I admired the pattern, crocheting a baby blanket wasn’t really high on my “to-do” list back then. Eleven years and two babies later, I use blankets every day. So Babette it is! 

Much like the thousands of others who have crocheted the design, I find the squares to be totally addictive. They are the perfect project while in the car, sitting with Lucy during tummy time, hanging out with Charlie while she plays with Legos. My biggest worry is losing steam, so I am trying to make at least one square a day. 

4.75 down, 121.25 to go! 

Is there a pattern from the past that took the world by storm that you just discovered? Surely I’m not the only one on a Bandwagon a decade late?!

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