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Crochet Summer 2017: Plans and Projects

Truth be told, I still have a few languishing crochet projects I really want to wrap up, including this stegosaurus I started for Charlie over a year ago from the Puff the Magic Stegosaurus pattern. (Thankfully, it is much further along than that sad little hexagon would lead you to believe..but still. No where near completion!)

One of the most exciting things about planning for Crochet Summer is searching on Ravelry for new things to make, so despite the works in progress, Courtney and I thought it would be fun to plan out a few new projects to carry us through the season. Check out our dreams and schemes below!


L / Lost in Time by Johanna Lindahl. R / My pile of yarns.

A few years back, we took a New Perspectives on Knitting class from Steven Berg and Stephen West. Part of the class was teaching us to step out of our comfort zone and combine multiple yarns/colors/textures. I never did finish the Enchanted Mesa I started in the class, but still love the variety of yarns I picked out. I think they would pair beautifully with the scrappy nature of the Lost in Time Shawl. According to the (free!) pattern, the shawl is a repeat of 12 different rows, so it lends itself beautifully to a more free form approach. I cannot wait to get started!


Not going to lie…when I saw Courtney’s pick for the Lost In Time Shawl, I thought “great! I’ll just do that, too!” because I love the look and stitches in the design. Realistically, though, I don’t wear a ton of shawls and know I would most likely lose steam once the rows grew in length. I have tried over the course of the years to expand my crochet skills every summer, and this year is no exception. The two projects I would like to tackle are colorwork and a garment with shaping, so I picked both the Bear Mountain Crocheted Hat by Vickie Howell and Hanabira Sweater by Eline Alcocer from Pom Pom Spring 2017 as my projects. (Dream big, right?) 

For the hat, I am definitely going to use Tundra, and think it will work up quickly once I sort out gauge and the techniques. For the sweater, I think I’ll need to modify the shaping slightly (or – insanely, maybe even convert it to working in the round for a pullover…?), but I love the stitch patterns used and vintage/modern look, so I am super excited to sort out my yarns and colors and get swatching.

What are your plans for Crochet Summer? Do you prefer to work on a more fun project with a guaranteed lovely end result like Courtney, or expand your skills a bit like me – with the potential for a few hiccups along the way? Either way, we can’t wait to see what you create! Don’t forget to share with us on Instagram using the hashtag #crochetsummer2017!

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