Crochet Summer

Announcing Crochet Summer 2017!

It is the summer solstice, and that can only mean one thing – Crochet Summer 2017 is here!

As with previous summers (2016, 2015, 2014), there is one – and only one! – rule for crochet summer: 

1. Crochet something, anything, this summer.

That’s it. Really. 

We’ll be sharing some of our plans on the blog in the coming week, and in the mean time, you can browse the archives by year via the links above, or peruse some of the highlights from years past via the individual posts by topic below.

2016 Round Up
2015 Round Up
2014 Round Up

Mason Jar Cosies
Urchin Stripe Cowl by guest contributor Cal Patch
Crochet/Sewn Top
Bobble Stitch Plant Coasters
Crochet T-shirt Neckline by guest contributor Cal Patch
Summer Dawn Cowl

Crocheting in Rows
Crocheting in a Tube: Stepped + Spiral
Filet Crochet

Color Stories: Delicious
Easy Peasy Crochet Patterns
Miriam Felton and Amy O’Neill Houck Interview
Color Stories: Shell Pink
Back to School Pattern Inspiration 
Kim Werker Interview
Ashley Elle Designer Inspiration


Don’t forget to share your projects via the hashtag #crochetsummer2017. We can’t wait see what you’ll make! Have Fun!

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