Summer of Basics

The Summer of Basics

Last week on Fringe Association, Karen announced a super fun, casual make-along, the Summer of Basics. The idea is pretty simple (and genius): during the months of June, July, and August, we’re all going to make some key basic wardrobe pieces that fill holes in our closets. The idea of a “basic” can be whatever you decide it to be, and fill whatever hole you see that needs filling. 

We’re at the end of the “newborn” phase with Lucy, and have settled back into a pretty good evening routine. As a result, I have found myself with a little bit of free time before bed so naturally I want to MAKE ALL THE THINGS! Although not specifically related to the make-along, I also need to do a pretty brutal wardrobe assessment: after not wearing any of my “real” clothes for about a year, I am (blissfully) out of maternity wear. Forever. Now is as good a time as any to take an honest look at my closet and see what is really worth having around and what is lacking.

1 / Grainline Archer
So far, I know I want to make at least one more Archer Buttonup out of a light chambray. I have an idea for a back yoke treatment involving weaving the fabric that will elevate it a little bit, and am excited to play around with that manipulation before the official start date. 

2 / Marled Meadow Pullover
I have wanted a basic pullover in The Fibre Co. Meadow for a while, and love the idea of it held doubled and marled, so I’m using this make-along as an opportunity to finally see it to fruition. I’m leaning towards the classic black and white marl, but am looking forward to swatching a bunch of neutrals to figure out the best combination. 

Although technically, the Summer of Basics is one item per month for the three months, I’m reluctant to pick a third piece until I see how these two pan out. There are a few other items I have on my tentative list, though: another sweater in The Fibre Co’s newest yarn (again a set in sleeve crewneck, but for now a secret), and maybe a few t-shirts out of some of this lovely hemp jersey.

Karen asked Jen from Grainline Studio, Jaime and Amber from Fancy Tiger Crafts, and I if we’d be interested in joining along in the fun as sponsors, and of course we said yes. I have an idea for a nice little giveaway related to that, so stay tuned! And if you’re looking for some pattern ideas, both knit and sewn, you can check out Karen’s Make Your Own Basics Series here. In the mean time, I’ll be prepping my materials, swatching a ton, and taking a long, hard, look at all my clothes to see what else is missing from my closet! Join us, won’t you?

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