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Finished Projects: Ronin’s Hedgehog

My son Ronin turned 7 last month and he LOVES stuffed animals. (Note image at the bottom of the post!) Wanting to make him a new toy, I searched on Ravelry and found this adorable Narwhal pattern. I grabbed a skein of the softest yarn in The Fibre Co. line, Knightsbridge from the office and set to work!

While working away, I knitted through half of the narwhal’s tail and my decreases were all over the place, so I ripped out the decreases and was left with a round ‘body’. Ronin found it and said “It’s ok Mom, you can make a hedgehog now!” And so that is what I did!

May we introduce Chocolate, the Hedgehog!

Ronin has been loving Chocolate and likes how his quills can be combed into different styles. It was so sweet working on this with him. He made the suggestions on how to form his nose and how to make the quills. And everyday he checked in on Chocolate’s progress.

Chocolate the hedgehog is the fifth toy I’ve made for Ronin. As you can see I couldn’t possibly keep up with his love of stuffed animals, but happy that he still enjoys them when he has so many others!

Images © Linette Kielinski Photography

2 thoughts on “Finished Projects: Ronin’s Hedgehog

  1. Terje says:

    Oh my, I am glad to see that my kids are not the only ones crazy about stuffed animals 🙂 And the hedgehog is super cute cute!

    1. Hi Terje! They certainly aren’t! My older son could care less about stuffed animals, but the younger one just loves them. It’s a bit over the top, and we’ve already donated about 20 to charities. I’m hoping to widdle down to just a few and all the handmade ones, gotta hold on to those! Thanks for your sweet comment. Have a great week! – Linette

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