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New Free Pattern: Le Corbusier Scarf

It is no secret I love weaving. I try to have something going on the warp at all times, usually for my own personal enjoyment, and typically a scarf as I wear them almost daily. As I mentioned in the blog post announcing the article, after completing the Handwoven Yarn Lab I began working on a scarf out of the structure I liked the most, the Modified Bronson Lace.

I wove the swatch in The Fibre Co. Terra and Road to China Lace in bright colors, but for the scarf I used The Fibre Co. Acadia in place of the Terra, and I went with my tried-and-true neutrals. It is nice to see how the pattern works in such different colorways. I also love how different the “right” and “wrong” sides of this pattern are. The nature of the structure creates a lot of dimension, and the addition of differing yarn weights really plays up on that fact.

As I mentioned in the swatching, I wanted to play around with the structure possibilities on a straight draw on an 8 harness loom, and the samples I wove came about as a result of that desire. I know most weavers don’t have access to an 8 harness loom, though, so for this pattern, I created the draft as a straight draw on 8 harnesses and threaded-in pattern on a 4 harness loom. Hopefully this makes this design a little more accessible for those of you who want to expand beyond plain weave but aren’t yet willing or able to jump right into 8 harnesses!


Modified Bronson Lace, adapted from The Weaver’s Book of 8 Shaft Patterns edited by Carol Strickler.

4- or 8-shaft loom, at least 24” weaving width (see threading notes)
12 dent reed
2 shuttles

The Fibre Co. Meadow (40% merino wool, 25% baby llama, 20% silk, 15% linen; 545 yds/100 gm skein): black adder, 2 skeins.
1 / 
The Fibre Co. Road to China Lace (65% baby alpaca, 15% silk, 10% camel, 10% cashmere; 656 yds/100 gram skein): grey pearl, 1 skein.
2/ The Fibre Co. Acadia (40% baby alpaca, 40% merino wool, 20% silk; 145 yds/50 gram skein): egret, 2 skeins.

217 warp ends, 3.5 yds long. (Allows for 6” take-up, 28” loom waste, 12” swatching/sampling).

 14 epi (1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 2 / dent in a 12-dent reed)
WEFT: 20 ppi

The draft has been provided as a straight draw for an 8 harness loom (as woven), or in pattern on a 4 harness loom.

 13.5” (34.25 cm)
AFTER FINISHING: 12.25” (31.125 cm) width, 80” (203.25 cm) length, not including fringe.

For the weave draft and weaving instructions, download the free .PDF here. Enjoy!

One thought on “New Free Pattern: Le Corbusier Scarf

  1. Kate/Massachusetts says:

    Wow! That is beautiful! It makes me wish I knew how to weave!

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