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Knitter Projects: Karen’s Custom St. Brendan

Since I started working at Kelbourne Woolens, I’ve been introduced to so many talented knitters and designers. Kate pointed me in the direction of friend and blogger Karen Templer of Fringe Association, and I am now a huge fan! Today I am excited to share her take on Courtney’s St. Brendan sweater in the scrumptious Arranmore

Karen was initially inspired by the alternate color St. Brendan we worked up for a trunk show and decided to use Malin Head, Glenveagh Castle, and St. Claire for her sweater. Along the way, she made a few modifications to the design, and in true-to-her fashion, documented the entire process. You can see some of her progress on instagram here, her thought process regarding re-doing components to better suit her style/body here, and the finished post on her blog here.

The finished sweater looks great! Thanks for sharing your lovely work, Karen. I’m so glad Kate introduced me to your work!

2 thoughts on “Knitter Projects: Karen’s Custom St. Brendan

  1. karentempler says:

    Aw, thanks Linette!

    1. Sure thing! I’m a fan Karen! – Linette

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