Year of Mittens

Year Of Mittens: Prolific Knitters

We hope to see some mitten-loving people knit all 12 mittens as part of the Year of Mittens, so today we’re highlighting a couple prolific knitters on Ravelry who have been busy knittin’ mittens! 

Ravelry user Teal has knit every mitten from August – February, we’re hoping to see March pop up in her Ravelry projects soon! Top Row: August Mittens (Left) in Windermere, September Mittens (Center) in Castlerigg, and October Mittens (Right) in Buttermere. Bottom Row: November Mittens (Left) in Scafell Pike and Derwentwater, December Mittens (Center) in Coniston, and January Mittens (Right) in Scafell Pike and Purple Moor. 

Ravelry user Magknits has knit 4 pairs of mittens so far. Top row: September Mittens (Left) in Eden Valley and November Mittens (Right) in Scafell Pike and Appleby Castle. Bottom Row: August Mittens (Left) in Derwentwater and December Mittens (Right) in Grizedale Forest. 

Be sure to tag your mittens on Instagram with #yearofmittens.

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