Year of Mittens

Year of Mittens Roundup

It’s almost time to release the February Mitten pattern. In the meantime, we’ve found some beautiful finished mittens over on Ravelry, and here are a few of our favorites knit in The Fibre Co. Cumbria Fingering. We hope this will inspire you to clear off your needles for the next mitten pattern coming this week. 

Top Row, August Mittens: 
• Knit in  Buttermere by Ravelry user vmquint.
• Knit in Windermere by Ravelry user marjieonsabra
• Knit in Scafell Pike by Ravelry user siminsue

Middle Row, October Mittens: 
• Knit in Cowberry by siminsue
• Knit in Grizdale Forest by jkseip
• Knit in Nutkin by mtnadventures

Bottom Row, January Mittens:
• Knit in Derwentwater and Scafell Pike by jkseip
• Knit in Purple Moor and Cowberry by raviahmad.
• Knit in Hadrian’s Wall and Scafell Pike by PegKnits

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