The Hill Top Shawl, Cumbria, and finding inspiration in the world around you

The Fibre Co. founder, Daphne Marinopoulos, sat down this week with designer Helen Stewart to discuss England, British sheep breeds, Cumbria, and finding creative inspiration in the world outside your back door. 

Last year, Daphne and her family relocated to her husband's home in the north of England, in the lake district. They found their new home in Cumbria, and quickly set about finding inspiration in the many sheep-filled hillsides surrounding them. If you listen, you'll also get a sneak preview of our new fall yarn for 2016!

We released Cumbria in a worsted weight in fall of 2015, and the fingering weight this January. Designer Helen Stewart used the natural undyed color of the fingering weight to create the lovely Hill Top Shawl, released this past week in time for her Curious Handmade Country House Retreat. Her lovely design quickly made it to the front page of Ravelry's Hot Right Now, and is sure to become a favorite for knit-alongs this spring.

From the designer:

The Hill Top Shawl was inspired by the rolling fields, stone walls, and craggy hills of gorgeous Cumbria in the north of England. There is an everyday magic to this place, where a touch of untamed wilderness still endures amid a tradition of rural life that reaches back back centuries. Cumbria is the ancestral home of Peter Rabbit and the epitome of what Robert Blake called ‘England’s green and pleasant land,’ and it stole my heart years ago. I’ve poured that love into this design: an elegant crescent-shaped shawl with a rustic soul.

I’ve interspersed super simple garter stitch with eye-catching lace panels, and finished it all off with a sweet, engaging picot edge. You might drape this shawl around your shoulders as you nestle in at home with a book, safe from the elements, or wrap it snugly around your neck for comfort as you head out bravely on a weekend hike. This classic accessory will keep you warm and cosy wherever it’s worn.
— Helen Stewart, Curious Handmade

The Hill Top Shawl is 30% off until March 29th. KAL anyone?

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