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New Colors of Meadow

A new order of The Fibre Co. Meadow arrived at the warehouse, and with it, three new colors for fall/winter 2016!

Bedstraw is a lovely pale grey that helps round out the neutrals in the line

Meadow has always had a nice mix of reds and blues, but we knew Purple Trillium was a must, as it fills in a missing space in the darker, warmer colors of the palette.

I have always wanted a “true” black in the line, so I am delighted about Nightshade, a deep black with subtle heather tones created by the linen. 

All colors are in stock and ready to ship. Which one will you choose?

One thought on “New Colors of Meadow

  1. Jennifer Burke says:

    I want to knit all of the things in Bedstraw & Nightshade. Nightshade would make a sweet Orenburg shawl!

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