Mini-KAL with Meghan and Linette

Here at the KW office, Linette and I are doing our own mini-KAL of my cardigan from The Arranmore CollectionKillybegs. Neither of us are afraid to rock bold color, so we decided to do a little mix and match of the brightest Arranmore colors. I chose Orla (orange) and she chose Slieve Sunset (fuchsia) for the main part of the sweater. We decided to do the cast-on and cast-off in each other’s color: my plan was to cast on the sleeves and body pieces with Slieve Sunset, then switch to Orla and knit the cardigan, and cast off the shawl collar in Slieve Sunset, and vice versa for Linette’s cardigan. 

After we had done our gauge swatches and were comparing them, we held our own swatches up to our own faces and…. our chosen colors did not look good on us. 

So we switched!  Now Linette will be making the cardigan in Orla and I will be making it in Slieve Sunset. They are such beautifully bright colors and work surprisingly well together. 

We will be working on our cardigans over the holiday and we’ll keep you periodically updated on the blog. I will be adding pockets to my cardigan, so look for a post about that modification. We will also talk about some common mistakes and how to avoid and learn from them. You can follow along with our progress on Instagram with the hashtag #KillybegsKAL. Are you making the Killybegs cardigan? Tag your photos with that hashtag so we can follow along with you!   

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