Holiday Gift Guide

KW Holiday Gift Guide: Linette’s Family WishList

Throughout the year I keep my eyes and ears open for mentions of things desired from my boys, (husband included). Around the holidays our mailbox is overflowing with various catalogs which end up as bathroom literature and leads to yells through the bathroom door as.. ‘Mom I want…!’ and ‘Honey did you see this?’ For my gift guide this year, I put together a variety of suggestions of awesome unplugged items and toys for the creative, active family. Enjoy! 


1 / As my boys get a little older the toy requests become fewer and fewer. They are 9 and 6 years old and love music, photography, sports and reading. The older son mentioned this cool build your own Ukelele once, I found it here.

2 / We’ve watched many episodes of American Ninja Warrior and this outdoor obstacle kit will bring some fun physical challenges to our backyard play.

3 / The Fujifilm Instax is sure to be a hit and I’m hoping the 2 film packs are enough to get them through the holidays!

4 / Santa will be introducing Magic the Guardian strategy card game to our Pokemon / Clash of Clans / Mine Craft obsessed 9-year-old, in hopes of him ending the iPad requests. 

5 / We definitely do not need another stuffed animal toy in our house but the 6 year old would be devastated if there wasn’t one under the tree and I couldn’t resist these adorable hedgehog Fuzzigles!

6 / The Hugglepod most likely will be a suggestion as a group gift from grandparents. The boys expressed their interest as it being a cozy reading nook or a place to have ‘alone time’. I expressed to them that it would be the perfect ‘mommy knitting spot’ ha! 


I’m a very practical gift giver with adults and I love practical gifts, so all of these gifts are something he and I could both use, but him in mind first of course! 

1 / My husband loves the outdoors and photography. There are so many nifty camping gifts to choose from! He won’t be getting all of these, and I can rule out the rooftop tent, but I thought it was pretty sweet!

2 / To be honest The Jetboil Flash cooking system and 3/ Yeti Rambler Tumbler would be clutch for our camping weekends.

4 / He’s always loved the Pendelton blankets and can’t get enough of our national parks. (Did you know that if you have a 4th grader in your household you can visit all National Parks for free?)

5 / I thought a thorough book on our parks seemed fitting before our trip to Glacier this summer. Woo-hoo!

6 / We, I mean, Kyle is going to need a waterproof camera bag to store our photo gear and snacks in for our outdoor adventures too!

I hope I’ve provided a few gift ideas for the loved ones in your life this holiday season. I had fun putting this post together and even got some shopping out of the way!

Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

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