Gilmore Girls Revival! Let’s KNIT!

The Thanksgiving holiday is over, and I hope everyone’s fridge is as full of delicious leftovers as mine is! This weekend Netflix released the new Gilmore Girls reboot, and it was a post-holiday binge-wathcing tv dream, so finally, last night I settled in with some pecan pie after the kids went to bed and watched the first episode. Gilmore Girls has always had fantastic hand knits (and crochet), and this reboot is surely no exception. 

Last week, designer Lisa Whiting got in touch with us to let us know that two of her company’s designs would be worn by Paris and Rory on the show – using The Fibre Co. yarns! Episode One did not let me down, and I spotted the scarves towards the end of the episode.

On the left is Eponymuff worn by Paris, and on the right is Dots n Dashes worn by Rory. Eponymuff in particular has set knitter’s queues on fire this weekend, with over 900 hearts on Ravelry! 

Eponymuff is knit in The Fibre Co. Road to China Light, shown in Topaz and Tanzanite.

Eponymuff is knit in The Fibre Co. Road to China Light, shown in Topaz and Tanzanite.

Dots and Dashes is knit in The Fibre Co. Knightsbridge, shown in Flintshire and Barley.

Dots and Dashes is knit in The Fibre Co. Knightsbridge, shown in Flintshire and Barley.

Get your kit tonight from Lisa Lucia Knits, or visit your Local Yarn Shop and pick up some Knightsbridge and Road to China Light in your choice of colors!

Kits include everything you need to make our patterns, delivered right to your door. Monday’s debut will feature the Dots & Dashes Hat and Scarf Kit (scarf worn by Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life) and Eponymuff Kit (worn by Paris Geller). Both kits will be available Monday, November 28 at 6pm.


In celebration of the release of the new episodes and the accompanying patterns, we’re having a contest! Two lucky winners will be chosen to receive the yarn to make their choice of scarf. Let us know in the comments which scarf you’d like to make! We’ll announce a winner on Friday at 4pm EST!

The only other question is, “Do we KAL or not?” I just know my mom is expecting an Eponymuff Scarf of her own for Christmas this year… 

UPDATE 12/2/16: Congratulations to Ravelry user Poohtum! She won our Gilmore Girls Giveaway and will receive enough Knightsbridge yarn to knit Dots and Dashes! We messaged you on Ravelry, and we’ll have your yarn on it’s way to you shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered our contest!

244 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls Revival! Let’s KNIT!

  1. Christine says:

    Eponymuff looks amazing. Would love to try to knit that.

  2. Jenny Berman says:

    Oh Eponymuff would be a dream to knit. Plus the wearer would feel empowered to live large and without apology as per Paris!

  3. Nancy says:

    I’d be happy with either!

  4. Ellen says:

    Eponymuff, no question! And I vote yes for the KAL πŸ™‚

  5. Ana Alvarado says:

    In love with the Eponymuff, it really is a beautiful scarf!

  6. Nicole says:

    I’d love to try Eponymuff!! Yay Gilmore Girls.

  7. Christine says:

    Eponymuff looks amazing!

  8. Luci Yo says:

    Yes for KAL! And Eponymuff is my thing! Definitely!

  9. Wei-Lin says:

    I’d love to knit Eponymuff it’s amazing. And I LOVE Paris Gellar

  10. jess says:

    The Eponymuff immediately jumped out at me when I was watching this weekend! I cannot wait to knit it! please consider me for the give away

  11. Gwynne Lassiter says:

    The eponymuff is the one that has my attention. Both are awesome and will be in my pattern collection. Thank you!!

  12. Ashley a says:

    I was OBSESSING over the Eponymuff while I watched Gilmore Girls this weekend. I would love to make it. Both patterns are beautiful

  13. Beth says:

    I like Dots and Dashes best, especially in Rory’s colors, but I thought Paris looked smashing in Eponymuff.

  14. Becca H says:

    Both are eye catching, but for me it’s Dots and Dashes all the way!

  15. Alexa says:

    Dots and Dashes is so cute, but the Eponymuff is awesome too! Both would be so fun to knit!!

  16. Laura says:

    Eponymuff gets my pick. I’ll work that one first then Dot Dash! 😍😍

    Would love to KAL!

  17. Anela Kapetanidis says:

    I would love to knit either one of them – could’n decide…

  18. Sheila says:

    Love Eponymuff!

  19. Maureen Rao says:

    The funny thing is that i didn’t realize that those were patterns on Ravelry and was trying to figure out how the Dots and Dashes was constructed!!!!

  20. Mary says:

    I would LOVE to knit Dots and Dashes.
    I had a major moment when two of my favorite things (Gilmore Girls and knitting) came together πŸ™‚

  21. Sami says:

    Definitely Eponymuff!

  22. Angie W. says:

    So hard to pick!! Both are beautiful! But I love the Dots and Dashes a smidge more

  23. Teri says:

    Eponymuff for sure. Beautiful design and exquisite yarn.

  24. Lily Shih says:

    Definitely eponymuff though the are both gorgeous!

  25. Elaine pohl says:

    While I love both I can see myself making dots and dashes more

  26. Linda Aguilar says:

    I love them both, but the Eponymuff is dying to get on my needles!

  27. Margo Gillaspy says:

    They are both great, but I love the graphic nature of Dots and Dashes!

  28. Liss says:

    Eponymuff. How could anyone resist?

  29. Rebecca G says:

    Definitely eponymuff. It’s so cute

  30. Heidi Wolff says:

    The eponymuff is really lovely – definitely what I would choose.

  31. Ding says:

    I would love to knit the dots and dashes scarf!

  32. Libby says:

    This is awesome! Would love to make Eponymuff!

  33. Deb says:

    As soon as I saw them on the show, I knew there would be a Ravelry lovefest. I loved Paris’ Eponymuff! I would totally knit that one!

  34. Jackie says:

    Love Gilmore Girls! And all the fab hand knits πŸ™‚ How awesome is it that the designers got to be in the show. I would love to knit Rory’s dots & dashes scarf!

  35. Laura Darby says:

    Definitely the Eponymuff. I had to stop the show and search Ravelry when I saw it, very striking!

  36. Sue K says:

    I love both, but would love to knit Eponymuff!! I immediately favorited both as soon as I saw them on Ravelry.

  37. Erica H says:

    I would love to make Eponymuff!! Such a beautiful scarf! πŸ™‚

  38. Krishna J says:

    So hard to choose but I love the look of Eponymuff, so pretty.

  39. Poohtum on Ravelry says:

    I like dots and dashes…

    1. YOU WON! I’m messaging you on Ravelry now. πŸ™‚


  40. Stephanie says:

    I really like dots and dashes. It seems like it would be a fun knit.

  41. Vicki says:

    I would knit Eponymuff. It is so different and looks like it would be interesting to knit.

  42. Jannis says:

    I’d love the Eponymuff!

  43. Theresa Govias says:

    I definitely want to make dots and dashes!

  44. Bridget McNeil says:

    I LOVE the Eponymuff – noticed it when I saw it on Friday, but knowing it’s your yarn and on Ravelry is an extra treat!

  45. A. Schindler says:

    Love them both, but I think I would be more likely to wear Dots and Dashes!

  46. Tracy says:

    Eponymuff – I wanted to make my hostess freeze frame so that I could get a picture when I saw it Friday. Dots and fakes is perfect for Rory, but I know I can’t do that much double knitting – congrats to the designer and knitter!

  47. Stefanie w says:

    I would love to knit both!! But if I had to pick it would be eponymuff!

  48. Julia says:

    Dots and Dashes!! Just started some double knitting and it’s super fun !

  49. Erin says:

    I am definitely in for dots and dashes but that is probably just the start. Did anyone notice the knitter in the corner at Luke’s Diner as Paris and Rory were leaving?

  50. Anita says:

    Eponymuff caught my breath when I saw it!!!! I will knit it in some form in my own one day!

  51. Pien says:

    I treated myself to both patterns, I had a hard time choosing. They both are fabulous. I think I will start with the dots and dashes. I am moving them to the top of my long ravelry queue.

  52. Annie says:

    I love the stitch pattern of the Eponymuff.

  53. Annelen says:

    They’re both very beautiful. For myself I would knit the Dots and Dashes, but for my best friend – a huge Gilmore Girls fan – I would knit the Eponymuff I think that would be absolutely her style. Well done! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  54. Kacie says:

    I love Dots n Dashes – and have been wondering to myself since I watched GG this weekend whether I subconsciously adopted my entire style from Rory Gilmore!

  55. Katie says:

    I can’t wait to knit Eponymuff!

  56. Nicole H. says:

    I would love to make Eponymuff!

  57. Monica says:

    I would love to make Dots n Dashes.

  58. allison says:

    How exciting to learn the patterns are available! I love them both, but especially Eponymuff!

  59. Kim says:

    Eponymuff looks fun!

  60. Jessica Anderson says:

    Dots and Dashes! This is awesome!!!

  61. Cathy von Hassel-Davies says:

    Oh definitely a KAL!!!! Love the Eponymuff and definitely would knit that baby up!

  62. Katie s. says:

    Eponymuff is just my style πŸ™‚

  63. Carol C says:

    Definitely Dots and Dashes. In those colors.

  64. Audrey says:

    Pretty please: Dots and Dashes so I can try out Knightsbridge! Thanks for hosting this!

  65. Judith says:

    Eponymuff looks great.

  66. Kristi ~ Ohio says:

    I would knit Eponymuff. It’s beautiful. Thanks!

  67. Sylvie says:

    Eponymuff! It’s such an interesting texture, and I super-love Road to China Light

  68. Nicole says:

    Eponymuff!! Eponymuff!! It’s epic!!!

  69. Annette says:

    I would choose Eponymuff!πŸ˜€

  70. Wendy says:

    I’d love to have a go at Eponymuff… thank you for sharing the clips!

  71. Cassie says:

    I love the challenge of Eponymuff, but I’d knit Dots and Dashes because it’s more my style. Love that these were featured!

  72. Carolyn Dunlap says:

    Eponymuff – which looks as if it would be super-fun to knit and fabulous to wear. Thank you for offering this opportunity to dress like a star!


  73. Asheley says:

    I love dots and dash! It would be the perfect kit to knit this holiday season in Knightsbridge!!!!

  74. Pamela says:

    Eponymuff. It’s Fabulous

  75. Rebecca says:

    Eponymuff! So amazing!

  76. Ouagadougou says:

    Eponymuff, of course, and, yes, we need to KAL

  77. Megan Minta says:

    I spotted Eponymuff during the episode and exclaimed "that looks like a handmade scarf, I wonder if there’s a pattern?" My family thought I was nuts, so I feel so vindicated that there IS, and I can’t wait to make one!

  78. Shanna says:

    Oh man I am all about the graphic lines of Dots n Dashes right now. Thanks for the chance to win! I’m ShadowAP on Rav.

  79. Megan says:

    Dots and Dashes would be my choice. I have never watched the Gillmore Girls, but with it up on Netflix and beautiful handknits to spy, I may have to give it a try. πŸ™‚ Arthjarna on Ravelry.

  80. Ellen says:

    I noticed both scarves during the episode and was excited to see such beautiful handknits. I am in love with Eponymuff and definitely want to knit it, but Dots & Dashes is a great pattern as well. And it’s so Rory!

  81. emi love says:

    I love the look of Eponymuff. So fun to see real knit scarves on the show.

  82. Meghan says:

    I’m completely in awe of the texture and colorplay of the eponymuff scarf. I am also quite excited to see GG display beautiful hand knits!!

    There definitely needs to be a KAL for both!!!
    Knitnpearlstudio on Rav <3

  83. Browncurls says:

    I’m dying to knit Eponymuff, and I’d love to see some suggestions for color pairings to use!

  84. Jenni says:

    I’d love to make Eponymuff! πŸ™‚

  85. Rachel says:

    Eponymuff all the way! So pretty!!!

  86. Mary says:


  87. Val Gibbons says:

    Eponymuff please.

  88. Robin says:

    Love Eponymuff!

  89. Wendy says:

    Difficult choice but it would have to be "Eponymuff"!

  90. Christy says:

    Dots and Dashes is my favorite.

  91. Raime says:


  92. martha says:

    I like the Dots and Dashes, It looks like a double knit – fun

  93. Lena says:

    Do I have to choose?! Eponymuff if I do, but ideally both! πŸ™‚

  94. Stasia says:

    Eponymuff!!! Love the colors <3

  95. Trishia Jimenez says:

    I would love to knit the eponymuff. I have already bought the pattern and would LOVE to win the yarn!

  96. amy says:

    dots and dashes!

  97. Tiina says:

    Eponymuff… (monkey)

  98. Ann Rumberger says:

    Eponymuff please!

  99. Lisa o says:

    Eponymuff x

  100. Kally says:

    Eponymuff! Really cool pattern πŸ™‚

  101. Lynda says:

    Eponymuff, I love it!

  102. Cholie says:

    Eponymuff for sure so interesting and I love the story about the pattern!

  103. Betty Raucci says:

    Eponymuff. KAL yes.

  104. Yvonne says:

    Eponymuff 😍

  105. Tiffanie says:

    Eponymuff!!!! I adore it!

  106. Sarah Nystrom says:

    The eponymuff is great!

  107. Nancy says:

    Eponymuff! But the other one is a close second.

  108. Cynthia S. Wetzel says:

    Eponymuff is so great, and those colors! Wow!

  109. Julie says:

    Eponymuff is so original, I’m itching to try it out and learn how to do this kind of awesome color work!

  110. Vered says:

    Eponymuff ❀️️

  111. Kathy B says:

    Dots and dashes !

  112. Debra Bremer says:

    Dots N Dashes!

  113. Pamela says:

    Dots n Dashes

  114. Ainsley says:

    Eponymuff! !

  115. Desiree says:


  116. Lauri says:

    Eponymuff! So excited to see a pattern for the scarf I kept saying "I love that scarf!" about.

  117. Katja Andersson says:

    Definitely Dots and Dashes. Love it!

  118. Bronwyn says:

    Eponymuff! I love the shapes it makes and who doesn’t love Paris. πŸ™‚

  119. Susan Oeltjen says:

    Eponymuff! Love the colors.

  120. Ally says:

    Eponymuff for sure!

  121. Janelle says:

    Dots n Dashes!

  122. Samanaz says:

    Dogs and Dashes!

  123. Julie P. says:

    Eponymuff for sure!

  124. Kim says:

    Dots & dashes!!!

  125. Margaret Gibson says:

    Dots and dashes would be my fav but Eponymuff a close second! I love love Love Gilmore Girls! So glad they are showcasing talented knit designers.

  126. Alanna says:

    I love Eponymuff Kit (worn by Paris Geller)!

  127. nichole says:

    I’d love to knit up that Dots and Dash!

  128. norma says:

    Empony Muff is great

  129. Alana says:

    Eponymuff looks like a lot of fun to knit πŸ™‚

  130. Bianca says:

    Eponymuff Kit !

  131. Vicky says:

    I fell in love with Paris’ scarf the second I saw it on GG. I tracked down the pattern to Lisa Lucia knits earlier this week and bought it. The only problem is I don’t know how to brioche knit so a KAL would be fantastic for Eponymuff!

  132. Danielle says:

    I’d love to make the Eponymuff!

  133. Julie says:

    I WATCHED THIS LAST NIGHT AND LOVED BOTH OF THE SCARVES!! I was even working out in my head how I could knit Rories scarf! AMAZING!! Needless to say I’d knit Dots and Dashes! πŸ˜€

  134. Gloria Kincer says:

    I would love to make Eponymuff!

  135. Sandy L. says:

    I love the Eponymuff.

  136. Kimberly Coolberth says:

    Eponymuff worn by Paris…
    TOTALLY BINGED and one of the super best qualities about Gilmore Girls – the Knits… 1) I love Paris and 2) Looks like a challenge. πŸ™‚

  137. Lillian D'Agostaro says:

    Would love to make Rory’s Dots and Dashes!!!

  138. Shannon Sponagle says:

    So cool! I’d love to knit Eponymuff! 😊

  139. Monica de Moss says:

    What a difficult choice! Love them both. Hmmm Probably going with the Eponymuff since I’m doing a double knit now and definitely need a break from it.

  140. Mel Pearson says:

    Love the Dot’s and Dashes! Love Gilmore Girls! Can’t wait to knit this scarf and watch Gilmore Girls at the same time.

  141. Debbie Constable says:

    I would make Dots and Dashes.

  142. Kelly says:

    I would love to knit Rory’s Dots and Dashes

  143. Brittany says:

    They’re both beautiful, but I would love to knit Eponymuff!

  144. Kathy says:

    I would make the dots n dashes. Beautiful!

  145. Bern says:

    Eponymuff for sure!

  146. Karen Potter says:

    I would love to knit the Dots and Dashes!!!

  147. Devon says:

    I love the Dots and Dashes

  148. Jalie says:

    Love the Eponymuff!

  149. Sandra says:

    I love them both, but Dots & Dashes just a lift but more.

  150. Dee says:

    Would love to win Eponymuff !

  151. Lizbeth DeValkenaere says:

    Oh that Eponymuff! Wow!

  152. Stephanie Billman says:

    I would LOVE to knit the Eponymuff scarf!!! I was drooling over it as I watched that scene!

  153. ChameliKnits says:

    I really love Eponymuff! Would love to knit it and… wear it too! πŸ˜€

  154. Amanda Smith says:

    Omg I really love the Dots and Dashes scarf!! And I’ve always adored the knit wear on Gilmore girls! I wonder what other things I can find patterns for!!

  155. Rosie says:

    Love the Dots n Dashes!

  156. Rachel says:

    I’m an Eponymuff kind of girl!

  157. Nancy Baxter says:

    I would love to knit Dots n Dashes. It’s beautiful!

  158. Suzy says:

    I love Eponymuff and look forward to a KAL!

  159. azar says:

    Eponymuff for sure!

  160. Melissa says:

    I would love to make Dots and Dashes!

  161. Ruth Quiles says:

    LOVE eponymuff. I noticed it on Paris right away and u haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I’d love to see it in a wine and pink.

  162. Jacqueline Ingrilli says:


  163. Amanda says:

    Eponymuff please, its lovely

  164. Deena says:

    Eponymuff, please and thanks!

  165. Molly says:

    I love the eponymuff! When I was watching the show, all I could think was I nerf to find that pattern

  166. Kelly says:

    I love them both so much, but Eponymuff is the one that caught my eye first!

  167. Jennnifer says:

    Love them both but eponymuff is the one!

  168. Mary says:

    Eponymuff is amazing……Thank you!

  169. Theresa Carter says:

    Eponymuff is amazing! I stared at it during the episode trying to figure out how to recreate it.

  170. Deanna says:

    Love them both but Eponymuff would be my first choice! Dmorgan166 on ravelry

  171. Sarah Spencer says:

    Oh I love this! Both are beautiful, but I’d love dots and dashes!

  172. Margaret says:

    I fell in love with Eponymuff when I watched the episode! How cool that the patterns are available and knit from The Fibre Co yarns!

  173. Heather M says:

    I’d definitely knit the Eponymuff scarf in the pink/grey colour combo!

  174. Sandy says:

    Dots and dashes is totally meeeee! Polka dots and stripes, what could be better?

  175. Jeannie Milan says:

    Eponymuff looks wonderful.

  176. Cheryl Clemons says:

    Eponymuff is my favorite

  177. Tisha says:

    Baa! Baa! Eponymuff is the one I want to knit. (Who ever thought being a sheep was a bad thing?)

  178. Rachel says:

    Eponymuff is absolutely gorgeous!

  179. MaryAnn says:

    Soon as I saw Eponymuff, I knew it had to be handmade, and I needed to find it. I like both, but that is my favorite!

  180. Vicki Williams says:

    I love them both but dots and dashes is my favorite! Thank you so much!

  181. Renee says:

    Eenie meenie minee mo
    I choose Dots and Dashes
    to wear on the go… πŸ™‚

  182. Eileen says:

    Must go with Eponymuff, fingers twitching to knit it.

  183. Kayla says:

    Loooove the eponymuff, stunning design

  184. Cassie M says:

    I must have the epinymuff!!!! The second it came on screen I told my husband I had to find that pattern!

  185. Anne Nites says:

    Would love to win the Eponymuff kit!!! Anne N

  186. Joy says:

    Would love to win the Eponymuff

  187. Maureen says:

    Definitely Eponymuff!

  188. Kristine says:

    The Eponymuff. Gorgeous. Love the colors.

  189. Kathy J says:

    Hard choice. But Dots and Dashes wins

  190. Eva says:

    Eponymuff is lovely. All the colors are beautiful but I particularly like the topaz and tanzanite. Gorgeous.

  191. Stephanie Halland says:

    Eponymuff is really nice!

  192. Lisa Chambers says:

    Love them both. But the first I would make is eponymuff. I must make it for my daughter in tanzanite and topaz.

  193. Karen Fern says:


  194. Ghislaine Hockensmith says:

    Dots and dashes

  195. Heather Grant says:

    I really want to make Eponymuff!!

  196. Tina R says:


    1. Tina R says:

      In amatrine and Tanzanite

  197. Tessa Prucinsky says:

    Eponymuff! Fell in love with it right away πŸ˜ƒ

  198. Robin Barnhill says:

    Eponymuff for me!!!

  199. TA says:

    Eponymuff is gorgeous! Would love to make it

  200. Cathy Guinn says:

    I would like Dots & Dashes hat and scarf Kit. Thanks for the contest!

  201. Stephanie turner says:

    Dot and dashes please thank you for the chance

  202. Denise says:

    Eponymuff all the way! Love it.. it caught my eye for sure when watching!

  203. Brittney says:

    Love the Dots and Dashes!

  204. Love the Knightsbridge.

  205. Autumn K says:

    I fell instantly in love with dots and dashes.

  206. Karin says:

    Love the one on Paris!

  207. Kayla says:

    Eponymuff, hands down! Or would that be hands up because I’d be knitting it? πŸ˜‰

  208. Lisa says:

    β˜•οΈOf course they are both amazing, but since I have to chose, I pick Eponymuff.

  209. Sharyn says:

    Eponymuff is my choice

  210. Yvonne says:

    Eponymuff!!!! Love!

  211. Allison Bell says:


  212. Mae says:

    Dots and dashes

  213. Christina Wong says:

    Eponymuff please!

  214. Karen531 says:

    Eponymuff looks like a fun knit.

  215. Bernice says:

    Eponymuff is FABULOUS!!!

  216. Dee says:

    Love Eponymuff!

  217. Sarah says:

    Eponymuff is gorgeous

  218. Julianne says:

    Dots and dashes!!

  219. Paula Barbour says:

    I guess I’ll have to go with Eponymuff, also!

  220. Anna says:

    Dots n Dashes

  221. Coleen says:


  222. Amber Bertram says:

    I like Eponymuff best!

  223. Brittany says:

    I would make Eponymuff but I would make it in Rory’s Dots and Dashes scarf colors. I haven’t done much stranded/color-change work like this but I want to give it a try!!

  224. Rachel B says:

    I would like to try knitting spots – so Rory’s would be my choice.

  225. Cruz says:


  226. Claudia says:

    Dots n dashes would be my choice.

  227. Patrica says:

    Definitely the Dots n Dashes – love the geometry and can’t resist dots n dashes since once upon a time I learned Morse code :-))

    I am a bit confused as to how to ‘log in’ – I have been on your email list for a while now as The name is Patricia.

  228. Alicia says:

    I LOVE the Eponymuff !

  229. Kate says:

    They’re both beautiful, but I’m leaning towards Eponymuff.

  230. Michelle says:

    Eponymuff! It is fantastic.

  231. Outi says:

    Dots and dashes is gorgeous!

  232. Louise says:

    I love the Eponymuff Scarf!

  233. Linda says:

    Eponymuff is it!

  234. Kelsey says:

    Is rory’s dots and dashes really knitted with flintshire and barley? Those don’t seem to look blue and cream colored to me! Help! πŸ™‚

    1. Kelsey says:

      Are you sure it isn’t bleu tarn and stonehenge?

      1. I don’t think it’s bleu tarn. I know they knit a bunch of versions of these, and the main one on Ravelry isn’t knit in Knightsbridge. The yellow/brown Ravelry version is knit in a discontinued Fibre Co. yarn, Road to China Worsted, and the other one does look blue. I think Lisa said it was Concordia – which is actually purple, which doesn’t always photograph correctly… To be honest, I just went by what I saw on the show which looked like Flintshire and either Barley or Stonehenge, but I haven’t gotten a confirmation on that!

  235. Angela Tarvin says:

    Dots and dashes if you are going to make me choose. Thx for the opportunity. πŸ™‚

  236. Trisha says:

    I have been insane for the scarf Paris wore – Eponymuff! Would love to win – thank you!

  237. JennyG says:

    Wow, Eponymuff for me. So excited to see hand knits on the GG revivak.

  238. Leslie says:

    Loved the Eponymuff the moment I saw it. I knew it had to be hand knitted.

  239. Nancy P says:

    I haven’t tried two-color knitting before. I think Dots and Dashes would be such a fun knit to start. I love its geometric design!

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