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Designer Feature: Soul Scarves No. 1, 2, 3, 4

Australian shop Knitting for the Soul recently published some wonderful free scarf patterns featuring The Fibre Co. yarns in their Soul Scarf Collection. All are available via the shop page on Ravelry or directly from her site.

Soul Scarf No. 1 is a simple garter stitch oversized scarf designed using The Fibre Co. Tundra.

Soul Scarf No. 2, designed using The Fibre Co. Terra, features a simple garter stitch and ribbed pattern in multiple colors. 

Soul Scarf No. 3 is a textured garter rib scarf created using simple slipped stitches, again featuring The Fibre Co. Terra.

Soul Scarf No. 4 is the most intricate looking of the collection, and features a repeating slipped stitch pattern in two colors of The Fibre Co. Terra.

It is amazing to see what simple stitch patterns paired with lovely yarn can create! 

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To view The Fibre Co. Terra, click here.

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