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Twist Collective Fall 2016 / Carnelian by Mary Anne Benedetto

As a designer, it’s rare that a sweater comes along from another designer that makes me want to cast on immediately, and make not a single change to the design! However, Carnelian, in the latest issue of Twist Collective, is just dreamy.

It was this image that did me in. That neckline! That armhole detail! It’s just great, and it’s unlike anything I would ever design for myself. There are a lot of different elements working together – surprisingly well – in this design.

Carnelian is designed by Mary Anne Benedetto in The Fibre Co.’s Cumbria, our classic wool blend. Mary Anne designs under the name Apriori Knits, and has a knack for using cables and texture in unexpected ways.

There is something gansey-esque about Carnelian, although it’s not a gansey per se. The body and sleeves are two different, yet simple, stitch patterns that create a nice texture contrast while still working together to create a cohesive look. The decorative knit/purl patterned panel at the top of the sleeves is separated from the rest of the sleeve by a few garter ridges which, for me, really drives home the gansey reference the designer is making. 

Every little detail of this design is so well thought out, and frankly, just looks really fun to knit! It helps that the casual fit of this sweater, including the simple style of the armhole (a modified drop shoulder), are easy and comfy to wear. 

This is a perfect fall-weather pumpkin-picking cider-sipping design. I just hope I’ll have time to fit it into my fall knitting schedule!

Be sure to check out all the great designs in the fall issue of Twist Collective. Which one is your favorite? – CK

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