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Crochet Summer 2016 Round-Up

School is now back in session, and summer is coming to an end. While this means cooler weather, it also sadly means the end to Crochet Summer.

We always enjoy following your crochet adventures on Instagram throughout the summer, and taking the time ourselves to devote some creative time to a craft we don’t usually focus on gives us a renewed energy to do something for “fun”, and not for “work”. (Although it’s all fun!)

My goal for this summer was to resurrect an old Rowan pattern that has been a WIP lurking in my studio for years. I didn’t end up being successful in finishing it, but it was still completely pleasant to revisit an old friend. 

One of my favorite posts from Crochet Summer 2016 has to be the tutorial for crocheting in the round that Kate put together. As a more…obsessive..personality, Kate really likes to make sure she’s doing it “correctly”, and my lackadaisical style of crocheting doesn’t really jive with her. 

We received a lot of positive feedback from many of you thanking us for the tutorial – so I know Kate wasn’t the only one wanting to perfect the different ways to crochet in the round! 

My favorite Crochet Summer 2016 discovery was crocheter PeacockKaren on Instagram. 

Her work is beautiful, creative, and well photographed to boot! She even inspired me to create a Filet Crochet tutorial this summer! 

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What was your favorite thing about #crochetsummer2016? Did you get inspired to try something new? Did you start (or finish) a crochet project? Share your crochet story with us in the comments and we’ll choose one lucky person to receive a kit to make the Summer Dawn Cowl! – CK

2 thoughts on “Crochet Summer 2016 Round-Up

  1. Karen Peacock says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my work as a Fantastic Find…I’m so honored! My favorite part of the summer was taking my crochet out and about to the pool, the creek, and the city. I was amazed at how many passerby approached me to inquire about my crochet.

  2. Dana says:

    I have been crocheting for 26 years, since I was 18, but it was this summer that I learned something new about crochet! I learned that I can crochet certain projects entirely without looking! I am also a knitter, and lots of people say they can knit socks in the dark at movies, but I can’t, I’ve tried! Then, this summer I was working on a granny square sweater and brought it to a work meeting, and it occurred to me to see if I could crochet through the whole 2 hour meeting without looking down at it, and I could! So I brought it to a movie, and once it was done, I started a new one for my daughter and crocheted through 3 more movies! Very exciting for me, and now I have a Cocoon Sweater (pattern by Knitbrooks) for me and one for my daughter!

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