Colors of Arranmore WINNER!

On August 11th, we introduced you to the history and stories behind the color names of our new yarn, Arranmore, in this blog post. We asked you to tell us which color surprised you? What color did you fall in love with that was outside of your usual palette? 

Congratulations to Carolyn, who says the following: 

Congratulations on so very many amazing colors with so very many interesting color names and color stories!!! My easy favorites are River Esque, Narin Beach and St Claire. They all sit front and center in my comfort zone. But, I love color, and I LOVE your question about what color surprised me and could be a new one that I would love to knit with…

That is BRADAN… “an Irish Gaelic word meaning ‘salmon'”… the “‘Salmon of Knowledge’ creature” and “a wise man that was transformed into a salmon”… ♥♥♥

Thanks for participating, Carolyn, and an email is on it’s way to you. 

For more information about our new Arranmore yarn and pattern collection, read the entire blog series here!

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