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Color Stories: Delicious

Things often described as delicious: candy, cakes, fresh fruit, the perfume of flowers, the softest yarn. This was my inspiration for June’s color story. I’m so excited about crochet summer, I decided I’d let my mood board decide what color of Road to China Lace I’ll be using for my project!

That’s right – pink. Bright, beautiful, fuschia pink. Personally, I feel that if “sweet” were a color, it’d be bright pink. If “happy” were a color, it’d be soft pink. If excitement were a color, it’d be gleaming, buzzy, hot pink. I’m ready to pour all these cheerful pink feelings into some crocheting!

I’ll be using Rose Quartz to crochet up my Water Lily Shawl for Crochet Summer 2016.  However, when* I’m done, I want to immediately try to crochet the Feeling Dotty Shawl by Sandra Paul.  I think it is one of the most fun shawls I’ve seen! I love how using different colors in different ways can totally change the look. I think I’d use a combination of Rose Quartz, Rhodolite, and Tanzanite for bold and playful version.

What are you making for Crochet Summer 2016?  Share with us in the comments! As always, show us what you are crocheting these days with #madewiththefibreco and #kelbournewoolens. Happy crocheting! -MLK

*Or if I can finish it! We’ll see! Follow along my progress with new Crochet Summer series Notes from a Novice!

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