Aleda KAL: Beads vs. Bobbles

We’re almost at the end of our KAL for May, the Aleda Shawl. Many of you are at, or well into, the edging. I just started my edging over the weekend, and have gotten through just four very time consuming rows thus far! A number of our bunch are opting out of the bobbles in the edging chart in favor of beads! What a wonderful way to add a bit of glitz to your shawl. We heartily approve. 

Dirt Woman Fiber Arts has chosen a really cool cylindrical silver bead to complement the white Canopy she is using. 

Adversaria24 has chosen a clear glass bead, which will do a great job of letting the color of her yarn show through, adding just a touch of shine. Very elegant!

And Anne Has chosen a pretty translucent pearl bead to complement her pink Madeleintosh yarn. 

While I’ll be working the bobbles, I do think the beads are a great alternative. What are you choosing for yours?

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