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Woolful / Ready, Set, Knit! / Mornings on the Dock

We were lucky enough to be asked on three podcasts this winter, and I thought it would be great to put them all in one place for you to take a look at (or, more appropriately, listen to)!

In mid-February, we were interviewed on the astonishingly popular podcast, Woolful, hosted by Ashely Yousling. You can subscribe to Woolful here and listen to our episode here.

Later the same month, we appeared on Ready, Set, Knit!, the weekly Webs Yarn Store Podcast. You can subscribe to Ready, Set, Knit! here and listen to our episode here.

Finally, at the end of March, we were interviewed by Elizabeth Duvivier from Squam Art Workshops, for her podcast, Morning on the Dock. You can subscribe to Morning on the Dock here and listen to our episode here.

Thanks so much to Ashley, Steve and Kathy from Webs, end Elizabeth for giving us the time to share our stories! – KGO

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