New: Stitch Markers

We recently updated our removable stitch markers and are incredibly excited to share them with you! When designing the new set, we thought a lot about practicality, functionality, and style: many patterns have you place markers both indicating the beginning of a round and to identify pattern repeats. When whizzing away on a project – especially one with an easy to memorize pattern – the end of round can get easily forgotten or lost.

With this in mind, our stitch markers now come in a set of 13 – each package contains 12 teal and 1 gold marker. The gold marker is perfect for identifying the beginning/end of a round, an important place in your knitting or crochet, or if you’re just in the mood for a little bling. There are enough teal markers for identifying repeats in even the most complicated lace pattern, and the teal stands out well on light and dark colors. 

The markers are available from our online shop, or a LYS near you! 

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