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Color Stories: Daydreaming in Green

It’s February and it’s cold. The holidays are over and now we are looking down the road to spring. I find myself daydreaming of green at this time each year. When it’s this cold and grey outside, I go through three variations on my green dream theme: travel to sunny, lush, exotic places; gardening; and museum – hopping. My train of thought goes like this, “I desperately need to go somewhere warm, sunshiny, and green…  Should have planned that trip earlier, though, so I’ll plan my garden now… but I can’t plant it yet, or even start the seedlings… I’m going to the museum on Saturday – I need to see some color!”

As that is what is running through my head most of the time these days, creating this inspiration board was a snap.

Here are my green yarn inspirations in Cumbria Fingering. This yarn is quickly becoming a favorite to knit with; it’s smooth and strong and is instantly satisfying on the needles.

It’s a great time of year to snuggle in on the couch with a hot cup of tea (or something equally as warming but stronger) and a good knitting project; a project that is in need of concentration because going outside is to be avoided at all costs. I really like this color-work top by Cheryl Chow. The Kaiso Pullover has an interesting all-over colorwork design that incorporates striping. It has great color potential and I think would look awesome done up in a green palette with a pop of radiant purple.

What colors do you dream about in the grey days of deep winter? Let us know in the comments! And if you decide to stay home and knit instead of go to the museum, take a pic and tag us with #kelbournewoolens and #madewiththefibreco. -MLK

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