Introducing: Kelbourne Woolens Project Bags

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of four new project bags in the Kelbourne Woolens line of products! Made in the USA, the bags feature a zippered top, wide gusset, and small woven cotton handle perfect for attaching a carabiner to. The four original designs are hand screen printed with gold ink on heavy duty 15 oz black cotton canvas. 

• 12.25″ (31.25 cm) width
• 9.25″ (23.5 cm) height
• 3.25″ (8.25 cm) gusset

Designed by Leah McGlone, this useful project bag doubles as a knit cable pattern you can use to create a multitude of designs. The front features a clean, graphic cable chart, and the back the chart key with the full listing of the stitches used in the pattern. 

Designed by Kate Gagnon Osborn, this project bag features a hand-drawn repeat of the iconic Frost Flowers lace pattern on the front, and the full Kelbourne Woolens logo on the back. The intricate details pair beautifully with the practical form and function of the bag.

Designed by Meghan Kelly, this unique project bag features a drawing of a kraken putting all 8 limbs to good use knitting, crocheting, and winding balls of yarn. The design carries over to the back, with a sign proclaiming “Let’s Get Kraken”.

Designed by Courtney Kelley, this project bag features the American Sign Language spelling of the words “Knit” and “Crochet.” Courtney grew up just down the road from the Maryland School for the Deaf and was lucky to learn basic ASL, as well as knitting and crochet, in elementary school. She still loves all three.

All four project bags are available in our online shop, as well as at a LYS near you. 

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