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Acadia Collection Feature: Classic Accessories

Woman with brown hair and navy blue dress wearing a cream scarf with an intricate cable pattern.

Most of the designs in the Acadia Collection are simple garments with minimal patterning, but we wanted to have two accessories that were still classic but featured a little bit more in terms of the pattern texture and structure.

Those of you who looked closely at the Jordan Pond Scarf may have recognized the cable from the Seathwaite Hat. I came up with this cable by combining a few existing patterns when swatching for the hat design. I was so pleased how it looked in Cumbria, I really wanted to see how it would appear in the slubby texture of Acadia. Knit in the lovely creamy white of Egret, the cable manages to be somewhat subtle and incredibly elegant.

The scarf is designed with an attached I-Cord edge, and the ribbing at either hem is integrated into the cable patterning of the body using increases and decreases. The length is perfect for wrapping around multiple times, or wearing loose and open.

I’m still totally in love with the cable pattern and dreaming up more ways to incorporate it into designs. Maybe in a sweater next, perhaps?

The unique cable pattern on Meghan Kelly’s Baker Island hat came about in a very similar fashion. She says:  “This stitch pattern came about after spending many hours looking at Japanese stitch dictionaries and swatching. I found 2 patterns that I really liked and used characteristics of each to create the Baker Island cable.”

Meghan wanted a cable that was different and distinctive. With its clear lines that manage to appear both geometric and organic depending on how I look at them,  it is clear the unique effect was a success!

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