County Donegal, Ireland

As some of you may have noticed on Instagram, Meghan, Courtney, and I took a quick trip to County Donegal in Ireland over the weekend. We had both Saturday and Sunday free, so after landing in Dublin, we drove straight up to Killybegs, a port village where we were staying. We checked in to the hotel, grabbed a bite to eat, then got back in the car and drove around the countryside. It was spectacular.

On Sunday, we followed this yellow sign to the white house pictured in the image above. Kathleen, her husband, and two sheepdogs lived there. We bought hand knit sweaters, of course.

The countryside is absolutely stunning. As it was mid-December, there were no other tourists. While we were prepared for gloomy rain, the weather was actually beautiful and lent itself to hours upon hours of sightseeing and wandering about.

On Monday and Tuesday, we got down to some business (more on that when the time is right), and spent many hours in Kildar at both Donegal Yarns and Studio Donegal.

We all agreed it was a really wonderful experience and could have spend another 4 days and still wouldn’t have come close to seeing all there was to see! So much so, we spent most of the car ride back to Dublin on Tuesday night scheming up another trip back!

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