Color Stories

Color Stories: Deer November

I love this time of year. The mornings are frosty and the air is sharp and dry. The bright fall colors are starting to fade into dusky lavenders, dove grays, and the color of toast.

Where I grew up on the western edge of Iowa, we would wake up in the mornings and see fresh deer tracks running across our front yard. Sometimes, we would see their sleeping impressions in a protected corner of the yard. We lived in the city but near the Loess Hills preserve, so even though this happened often, I always thought it was special because it was real “wildlife”. Even now, I’m still awed at the sight of a deer standing still in the woods.

Sometimes on weekends I would go traipsing through the Loess Hills, looking for a good climbing tree or scouting for more signs of wildlife. Although I usually found no more than some wild hares and hoof prints, I always loved these solitary walks and they satisfied my younger self’s desire for adventuring.

The adult me would like to tell the younger me to keep on adventuring, but to wear a good hat!

This is the Waverly hat by our own Kate Gagnon Osborn. It’s a perfectly quick fall project that only takes one skein of Terra in the new 100 gram put-up. Knit one up for yourself and go take a walk and enjoy this beautiful time of the year.

Make your own fall adventuring hat and tag it with #madewiththefibreco and #madewithkelbournewoolens so we can see it! Happy trails! -MLK

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