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At Kelbourne Woolens we are always trying to find new ways to support our stockists. Our local yarn shop owners are the lifeline of the knitting community. They are the community builders; churning out new knitters, fostering new designers, and helping people with problems from picking up dropped stitches to relationship advice! The online knitting community is vibrant, and vital, but we wouldn’t have anything without our local yarn stores.

This fall, we decided to come up with a special promotion to let shops know we appreciate all they do. For the next three months, we will be offering a FREE pattern download that will be exclusively available through participating stockists. Shops can offer the pattern free with purchase, use it to host a class or knit along, or use it as a sales tool for a special promotion in the shop. 

This month’s Yarn Shop Love pattern is Demeter. Demeter is a top-down raglan pullover using our flagship yarn, Terra.

Demeter is a top-down raglan with an interesting increase structure. Courtney designed it based on a theory that if you divided the four sections (front, right sleeve, back, left sleeve) into four equal segments, and then increased on the front and back every round, and the sleeves every other round, that the proportions would increase out at the proper rate and size. She knit it for herself first, and it worked! To size it, the theory of proportional relativity was proven false so the largest and smallest sizes are worked as modified compound raglans to get the same look while not being too large at the neck or too small in the upper arm. 

Each participating stockist will receive a ticket with the pattern information and secret download code, but one very lucky stockist will receive a golden ticket. What do you get with the golden ticket, you ask? 

You win the sweater sample for your shop!

If you are a shop owner, get in touch with us or your sales rep to find out how to participate!

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  1. Aina says:

    What a beautiful sweater!

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