Rhinebeck Round Up!

Like many of you, we spent the last weekend in Rhinebeck, NY to attend the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. 

It couldn’t have been better sweater weather – it even snowed! – and like everyone else, we got the chance to wear the sweaters we were saving for the occasion. As always, the sweater game was strong this year!

I (Courtney, above, right) wore my crocheted Organik sweater, based on Swink! (with many modifications) and my Baa-ble hat knit in Cumbria. I also finally got to snap a pic with Jacqueline from Soak. As the newest TNNA board members, we got to spend some quality time together last month at the board meeting in Dallas, but lamented that we never got around to taking a picture together. Jacqueline’s sweater is amazing, I know, but I forgot to ask her about it!

Kate (above, left) rocked her new Lopi sweater and her woven Neige Scarf. She ran into Jess from Ravelry who was wearing a stunning Acadia sweater, the Metal Cardigan by Amy Christoffers. 

We also ran into Liz from Stash in Oregon who was wearing Adelaide, the cover sweater from our book, Vintage Modern Knits, knit in Terra. Stunning!

While at Kristin Vejar’s talk for her new book, The Modern Natural Dyer, we sat behind this AMAZING Acadia cardigan. Knitter Susan Gulack was happy to let us take a few pics of her lovely work after the talk. Her color choice was spot on! 

I also bought a Gotland fleece first thing Saturday morning. I love the fleece sale, and it’s my favorite part of the fair. Buying raw fleece is a luxury for me – it is fun to start from scratch with nothing but raw materials and some elbow grease. I never know what the fleece will become until I start spinning it, and that uncertainty is part of the fun!

At the very end of the last day of the festival, we happened upon Kallie from Sawkill Farm. She makes wonderful soaps which we could not resist, and she also had a small amount of yarn from her flock spun at Green Mountain Spinnery. We were invited to visit her at home the following morning, and were taken on a tour of her stunning farm. What a delightful end to such a magical weekend! 

As always, the highlight of the trip is being able to relax and catch up with old friends. This year we shared a house with five other women who are our friends and colleagues. It’s such a treat to get to spend quality time with the people you work with outside of actual work. We knit, cooked, and chatted all weekend long, and I can’t wait for another opportunity to do it again.

We can’t wait to see all of you – and your sweaters – next year!

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