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Terra: revamp of a classic

Terra has been in the Fibre Co. lineup for over a decade. A yarn with such longevity is uncommon in this ever-changing industry, especially one that was so ahead of its time in regards to fiber content, color, and texture. 

As time goes by, knitter and crocheter preferences evolve. One of the ways the industry has changed is from 50 gram skeins as the “norm”, to more and more suppliers offering yarn in 100 gram skeins as a result of customer requests. 

We have always seen Terra as both a unique and versatile yarn – we have knit baby hats, adult sweaters, and lovely lace shawls, with beautiful end results. Over time, it has become clear that Terra, like Canopy Worsted, would benefit greatly from a 100 gram put-up. 

We have also been slowly unveiling new, updated graphics for The Fibre Co.: Daphne recently released a new logo, and there was a redesign on the Cumbria label. Moving forward, the individual yarn labels are also getting an update – with the new logo, larger size, and additional information, including color numbers and washing graphics. The new 100 gram Terra skeins, and a recent order of Acadia both have these new labels, and you’ll see them on all of the yarns as our future orders roll in.

One small quirk with this order – that you won’t see in the future – is that the tags are attached to the skein itself, not to a separate end of yarn or tie. It is important you do not cut the yarn in order to take the tag off – you’ll cut the skein in half! Instead, either tear the tag right at the hole in order to slip it off, or un-do the loop of yarn on order to slide the tag out:

Top: Grab the small loop of the yarn with your finger / Pull to loosen the loop / Gently fold the tag in half, and place it through the loop
Bottom: Slide the tag through the loop / grab the double folded end, and slide the tag off / your tag is safely off the skein

We’re excited for this new (and we think, improved) put-up of Terra, and can’t wait to see what you make with it! 

And don’t forget! – share your projects with us using the hashtags #fibrecompanyterra #madewiththefibreco and #madewithkelbourewoolens. 

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