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#crochetsummer2015 finished project: crochet / sewn top

Last year as part of Crochet Summer 2014, Cal Patch shared a tutorial with us on making a knit tee with a crocheted yoke. I wanted to take the idea one step further, so I created a box top with a the main body sewn out of cotton fabric and crocheted yoke.

I came up with the idea while on our way to vacation in Acadia, and wanted the sewing portion to be as simple as possible, as I was planning on doing most of it by hand while on our trip. The shape of a box top was perfect for the yoke treatment I wanted, so cutting the woven fabric into simple rectangles was a no-brainer.

In contrast to Cal’s top, The woven fabric required an additional step in order to connect the crochet yoke, so I worked a blanket stitch on the top edge that was then treated like a foundation chain. It made for both a decorative and functional edge treatment. The crochet portion itself is basically two rectangles worked straight up in double crochet clusters, with slight shaping at the neck. I also worked a few rounds of single crochet around the neck for a more finished look.

I actually liked the process and end result so much, I made two of these (you can see an in-progress shot of the first one, a double gauze fabric with bright flowers and pink crochet, here), and took the opportunity when working up this blue version to create a tutorial for anyone interested in making one themselves – stay tuned for that on Wednesday!

I was recently playing around with some lab dips of Terra, and it was suggested I turn my swatch into handwarmers – genius! I know fall is just around the corner, and my hands are first to freeze when cold weather hits, so that is most definitely my next project. What is on your hook these days? – KGO

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