Color Stories

color inspiration: Acadia

I recently just spent a week in Acadia with family and friends for our annual summer vacation. The cabin where we stay is in the woods overlooking Flanders Bay, and the landscape is a combination of rocky beaches and thick woods. I mainly worked on my Lucinda sweater while there (in the appropriately named Acadia), and couldn’t help but be inspired by the gorgeous landscape that surrounded me.

After coming home, I took a few of my favorite images from the trip and created some color stories to share with you:

l to r:  asparagus, marsh, blueleaf birch, moraine 

l to r: egret, mountain ash, sea lavender, blueberry

l to r: sand, amber, bur oak, juniper

l to r: summersweet, granite, cormorant, driftwood

I may be back home in the city, but at least now, I can look at my new color stories as inspiration for my next project when I want to be transported back to the gorgeous landscape of Maine!  РKGO

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