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KW Style It: Clearview Cowl

Spring has officially sprung here in Philadelphia. So much so, we’re all wondering where it went, and why summer came early! The advent of spring means one thing for me an my family: outside, outside, outside. With our daughter, Charlie, in daycare during the week, we try to pack in as much time on the weekends together playing outside, “planting a rainbow” in the garden, walking the dogs, exploring the local parks, visiting farmer’s markets, and having little picnics out in the yard.

With that in mind, I put together three looks with the Clearview Cowl by Leah McGlone designed using two colors of The Fibre Co Road to China Lace for the Effortless Collection that are perfect for packed weekend days playing outside at the park, shopping for local produce, and having a picnic lunch.

STYLE ONE: At the Playground
Probably the “fanciest” of the three looks, this outfit is deceptively comfortable – a white t-shirt, classic Birkenstocks, and flowy culottes are easy pieces to throw on in the morning in order to  effortlessly look good while chasing toddlers. A travel mug filled with hot black tea and sunglasses are must-haves any time of day!

STYLE TWO: Farmer’s Market
Oh, farmer’s markets. While, admittedly quite trendy, farmer’s markets are also quite amazing: a visit to one in your area is a simple way to affordably access local produce – arguably the best way to eat – support small business owners, spend time outside, and, in our case, seek out unique and novel ways to introduce our kid to new foods to expand her palette. For my visit, I paired comfortable clogs with some worn-in jeans. The addition of some costume jewelry and a buttondown takes it from shlumpy to “effortlessly chic” without looking out of place amongst the hard working farmers.

STYLE THREE: Picnic Lunch
Last weekend we blew Charlie’s mind by suggesting we bring an old quilt out to the front yard to have a snack before heading out to run a few errands. (We then spent every meal of the rest of the weekend out on the blanket.) It was a really fun way to change up our routine, and she got such a kick out of it, so it was a win-win. For this style, a midi-length dress is an easy way to look cute while easily sitting down to eat. Comfortable sneakers, a striped blanket, and LeSportSac (machine washable!) to hold all of your snacks are all picnic essentials.

… it the weekend yet?

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