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Introducing: Kelbourne Woolens Hydrangea MKAL 2015

It is that time of year again! We’re delighted to announce our third annual spring MKAL featuring The Fibre Co Meadow!

The MKAL will begin on Monday June 1st, and last six weeks.

Our 2013 MKAL Meadowsweet, was a classic triangle, and our 2014 MKAL, Beltane, a half circle, and the Hydrangea MKAL Shawl is a third unique construction and shape. And like our previous MKALs and KW Patterns, the end result is a classically inspired and wearable piece. 

Like Meadowsweet and Beltane, each weekly clue will have tons of information and walk you through every step of the process. Each section is both charted and written, and the shawl is designed to be a simple introduction to working lace from charts. If you’re already a chart convert, we have made sure there are additional techniques to expand your knitting skills. 

The pattern calls for just 1 skein of  The Fibre Co. Meadow and available for purchase for $4.50 here through Ravelry beginning today, May 13th. Please purchase the pattern before June 1st to receive the initial swatch instructions. All pattern clues will be sent to your Ravelry inbox. Participant updates and spoiler alerts can also be posted on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, or as comments on our blog, and tagged #KWMKAL (Kelbourne Woolens Mystery Knit-A-Long). To make it fun for everyone, please post spoiler alerts in our SPOILER ALERT thread if posting project pictures before the next clue is released!

SCHEDULE: The pattern will be updated every Monday:
• June 1st: Tutorial on measuring gauge in a lace pattern, tips and tricks on knitting lace from charts, and swatching instructions. 
• June 8th: Clue A directions. 
• June 15th: Clue B directions.
• June 22nd: Clue C directions.
• June 29th: Clue D directions. 
• July 6th: Clue E directions, and finishing instructions on how to properly block lace shawls for optimum shape and visual effect. 

Additionally, at the close of the MKAL all participants will receive a final formatted single pdf of the whole pattern.

To find a Fibre Company stockist in your area, click here.

4 thoughts on “Introducing: Kelbourne Woolens Hydrangea MKAL 2015

  1. kirsten says:

    I’m so excited to participate this year! What would you recommend for colors with the pattern? Will the stitches be lost in darker colors?


  2. Rheba says:

    I’m a very advanced knitter. Will the project be too simple for me? Is there an opportunity to add beads?


  3. Valarie DiPietro says:

    I am not quite a beginner, I know how to kni, purl, increase decrease and a bit more. Would this be too advanced for me…I have quite a few knitting books, and want to advance and learn. So would I be able to figure my way thru. I so want to learn more. I am an advanced crocheter. I want to be an advanced knitting. Thanking you in advance for your reply so that I know wether to purchase.

    Valarie DiPietro

  4. Kelbourne Woolens says:

    Hi Valarie,

    Thanks so much for getting in touch. I do think it may be a bit advanced for you, but you should absolutely give it a shot if you think you want to dive into something challenging. There will be both charted and written instructions. A basic knowledge of lace knitting would be very helpful, but you have some time to practice before we really get started!

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