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Color Stories and Inspiration Boards

Sometimes deciding on which project to cast on can be difficult. More often than not, we crafters have a running list of things we want to knit or crochet “next”, but because of time, yarn budgets, or because we were only blessed with one set of arms, we have to choose just one project. And at other, rarer, times we can feel uninspired or uncertain of what we want. At times like either of these, I find that making an inspiration or mood board can really help clear the path towards a rewarding project. Making inspiration boards is fun and freeing as there are really aren’t any rules. Some inspiration boards tell a story by color and some by theme or atmosphere. They can be made digitally on your computer or by cutting out magazine clippings and pasting them to a bit of cardboard. Putting together mood boards is an exercise in designing and can really help focus our creative desires and point us toward our next great project.

Here is a mood board I made recently.  I was thinking about summer and drawn to the saturated colors so lacking in the winter.

This board is inspiring me to make something fun and relaxing. Something I can knit while I hang out on the porch after work or on vacation at the beach.

Color Affection by Veera Valimaki fits the bill perfectly.

©Veera Valimaki ©Veera Valimaki

For this shawl I would use The Fibre Co Road to China Lace in riverstone, blue tourmaline, and sapphire.

Or for a warmer weather shawl, I would use The Fibre Co Meadow in queen anne’s lace, pennyroyal, and larkspur.

The best mood boards are the ones you enjoy making, using images and colors that are pleasing to you. You may find that the same color preferences are found throughout your home and wardrobe or you might surprise yourself and find yourself making a color story you didn’t expect.  The point is to have fun and be free and you’ll be lead directly to your next project! – Meghan

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  1. Marie says:

    Very cool to see different colors for popular patterns . Would love to see more

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