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Color Stories: Grey Wolves

All of this pleasant Spring weather has me looking forward to summer knitting. I really want a nice, lightweight top knit out of lace weight yarn. I want it to be nice enough that I can wear it to work but could also be worn with a pair of cutoffs on the weekend. And I’m thinking it should be a good, cool neutral.

Here’s the board I put together with these thoughts in mind:

The perfect top would be a versatile combination of drama and sweetness, sass and style. I found, and fell in love with, the Maja pattern by Marita Rollin. It’s a refreshing and modern take on the-top-that-goes-with-everything. It embodies all my summer top ideals.

Marita has written the pattern to be knit both with a lace weight yarn held single or held double (Maja-Gima and Maja-Kiito, respectively). The top with the yarn held double is what is shown above. For a lighter, more airy top that would do justice to the hottest months, The Fibre Co Meadow held single would be wonderful. The color blocking with the asymmetrical hem adds visual interest without overwhelming the wearer and the sleeveless, mostly stockinette construction will be a quick knit. There are a lot of color options for this one, including a great marled version if one chooses to go with the yarn held double version.

The following are two color combinations in The Fibre Co Meadow that I would choose for this top. The first uses bolder neutrals and the second combo uses softer neutrals.

Queen Anne’s Lace for the main body portion.

Black Adder and Larkspur for the color block portions.

For a more blended palette I would go with these neutrals:

Cornflower for the main body portion.

Bluebonnet and Fennel for the color block portions.

What color combinations would you choose?

Happy knitting! – Meghan

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