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Finished Knit: Courtney’s Burren Pullover

Graphic Knits by Aexis Winslow is a collection of 20 garments that feature modern colorwork – stranded, stripes, color blocking, and slipped stitches – in bold motifs and geometric patterning.

When pouring through the book, I was immediately intrigued by Burren, a yoke pullover with short rows that creates an asymmetrically striped yoke.

The short row striped are really striking, and fun to knit. It’s one of the most fun and interesting top down yokes we’ve come across!

This pullover uses three NEW colors of Tundra which were released this winter – diablo beach, pinkberry, and silver fox, as well as using petrel, and old favorite. I am a 39″ bust and knit the second size.

I made two alterations to the pattern:
First was to knit it about an inch longer than the pattern called for so that it was not a cropped sweater. (Being short already, I didn’t need to add too much length to get it to fit like a traditional pullover.)
Second, I adjusted the neck width. After knitting the entire thing, from the top down, it fell off my shoulders more than I wanted. I pulled out the cast on at the neck, and picked out the ribbing, placing the first row back onto the needles. I then worked one round, decreasing the number of stitches by 1/3, then re-knit the ribbing and bound off.

It’s a perfect fit! Click here for more information about Alexis Winslow and her fantastic patterns and artwork! – CK

2 thoughts on “Finished Knit: Courtney’s Burren Pullover

  1. Kate Gray says:

    Thank you for sharing how you adjusted the neck width! I have a beautiful top-down sweater that I never wear because it falls off my shoulders, and I thought the only way to fix it was to frog the entire thing, which I didn’t have the heart to do. I’ll definitely give this a try.

  2. So great to meet you at Seyon. Love that sweater–I think I was too busy trying to get my snowshoes to stay buckled to say that in person. Really, where are my priorities??

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