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Pathways Collection Feature: Vesa

As promised, this week we will be focusing in on each individual pattern in the Pathways Collection by Laura Nelkin. For an overview of the collection, you can see the official introductory post here.

Today, we bring you Vesa, a beautiful elongated half-circular shawl that features a unique construction, gorgeous lace pattern, and edging. Laura was kind enough to answer a few questions about this design, and we’ve also put together an alternate styling option on Polyvore for you!

KW: We decided early on to not include written instructions for the charted portions of the designs. What are a few reasons why this design doesn’t lend itself well to the stitch pattern written out line by line?

LN: The charts in Vesa are quite long and complex. There would have been pages and pages of written instructions to accompany the pattern. My gut is that any knitter who would want to knit this would have the skill to learn how to read from charts (if they don’t already know). Conveniently, you also just did an excellent tutorial series on using charts on their blog, so anyone who is wary or wants to build their skills should check that out. Charts are simple once you understand how they operate and relate to your knitting!

KW: Oh, thanks! I’m glad you liked the chart series! For this design, 2 different sizes were provided. Even though it was an accessory, why did you feel that it was important to provide different sizes?

LN: Well, for one thing, we aren’t all the same size! I am short and have SUPER narrow shoulders and larger shawls look ridiculous on me. My best friend, on the other hand, is much taller than I, a bit more “built” and a larger shawl looks SO much better on her frame. It’s lovely when an accessory can be made in only one size, but I really wanted these designs to be versatile and fit a multitude of women! I used this same construction for the Magia MKAL, and was limited by yardage in the skein, I knew I wanted to delve further into this unique shape AND make it bigger which I was able to do with the Road to China Lace and its huge skeins!

To purchase Vesa, click here.
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For a list of our retailers that may carry hard copy patterns of the Pathways Collection and the Road to China Lace, click here.

Thanks, Laura!

We hope you enjoyed this series on the designs in the Pathways Collection. Don’t forget to tag your projects with #kelbournewoolens and #pathwayscollection so we can se your knitting!

{All images by and © Amanda Stevenson Lupke}

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