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Pathways Collection Feature: Stillwell

As promised, this week we will be focusing in on each individual pattern in the Pathways Collection by Laura Nelkin. For an overview of the collection, you can see the official introductory post here.

Today, we bring you Stillwell, a boomerang shawl with a garter stitch body and lace edging.  Laura was kind enough to answer a few questions about this design, and we’ve also put together an alternate styling option on Polyvore for you!

KW: Despite being an accomplished designer, I assume you have anxieties/nerves about putting your designs “out there” into the world. What about this design made you the most nervous and why? (And if you don’t have any anxieties – what’s your secret??)

LN: I do have anxieties…. And with this one I was worried it was too simple… how silly is that?  I love when my designs are complex, I adore having things change through a pattern to keep the knitting interesting and I worried that this would be boring.  I actually think this piece is meditative, first that long strip is worked with a repetition of the lace allowing the knitter to memorize the chart and get into the groove… then once the body shaping is understood it’s onto garter stitch, which we all know is the ultimate in knitting yoga! Not every design needs to be a complex puzzle. As a knitter I certainly balance the skill level of my projects and it makes sense that I did the same in the collection, but I still doubted myself.

KW: The styling for the collection was very feminine – lots of lace, flowing garments, oversized beaded jewelry, etc., because we really wanted to play up the lacy details of both the designs and yarns. As a counterpoint, we created some polyvore sets of more “everyday” styling to show the versatility of the garments. Which style do you see yourself wearing more, and why?

LN: Oh, I’m actually much more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, or simple fitted dress when I “clean” myself up. I always feel like I am playing dress up when I wear long flowing garments and big jewelry. I tend toward more fitted simple shapes. Part of what I adored about your styling of Pathways is that I would not have found the stunning pieces you found.  You lent such romance to the collection! I also love all the looks you put together on Polyvore, I’d wear everything in this Stillwell set… that purse could carry all my knitting!

To purchase Stillwell, click here.
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{All images by and © Amanda Stevenson Lupke}

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